Al-Shurooq Development Trading Co. Ltd.

Al-Shurooq Development Trading Co. Ltd. is a new member of the Almarhoon group of businesses, established in 2013.

The company is focused on fulfilling project needs of modern premium house furniture including kitchens, sofas, dining tables and chairs, wardrobes, bathroom ware, and doors—as well as office furniture.

While projects are a core business to Al-Shurooq, retail showrooms remain a vital part of the business to keep the company well up to date with customer and market ever changing style trends and needs.

As part of the Almarhoon group of businesses, we also cater for other housing needs including civil construction, remote-controlled garage doors and aluminum fabrication works.

International Affiliation

Aran World

Al-Shurooq is proudly affiliated with a number of European furniture manufacturers, where emphasis on design, build and material quality, delivery commitments and quality controls capabilities is warranted.

The most prominent of our international partners is Aran World srl, a leader in Italian exports and a pioneer company in designing, manufacturing and selling kitchens, office furniture and wardrobes. Aran World

Solid and active for around 50 years, Aran World is the taste and quality of Italian furnishings in more than 120 countries around the world. Aran World continues to introduce creative and breath-taking new designs and work with global designers such as the renowned Kareem Rasheed.

All Aran World products are designed and manufactured in seven large scale production facilities in Italy. Each production department, automated and highly efficient, received the ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

Further information about Aran World can be found on

Contracts and Projects

Al-Shurooq main focus is fulfilling projects' needs of modern premium house furniture (including kitchens, sofas, dining tables and chairs, wardrobes, bathroom ware, and doors) and premium office furniture.

The company has an excellent engineering team, closly coordianting with our international partners, ready to meet and discuss with clients their needs and provide custom tailored solutions to meet their quality, timeline and budget requirements.

Having a strong partner such as Aran World gives Al-Shurooq a wide variety of solutions from design, quality and cost perspectives. This coupled with using eCadLite software (which is directly linked to Aran product databases), our engineers are enabled to:
• Control every aspect and details of the design to ensure the full satisfaction of the client;
• Optimize the solution in order to reduce cost to the client without impacting quality and exterior design;
• Provide swift changes per client’s changing requirements; and
• Precisely manage production and delivery timeline thanks to having direct access to the manufacturing facilities in Italy.

In addition to our engineering capabilities, we are happy to work and coordinate with external engineering firms retained by the client to ensure seamless work process.

Since Aran World is a leader Italian product exports, our clients will benefit from Aran World’s vast leverage with shipping companies in terms of cost and time.

Al-Shurooq is also well equipped with an experienced installation team, which shall be dedicated and deployed to client’s site to ensure completion of the project on time and budget.

Retail and Showrooms


Al-Shurooq currently has two major showrooms in Dammam and Saihat, eastern of Saudi Arabia, with an aggregate area of about 700 square meters.

We believe in presenting brands given the qualities such brands stand for. Our business heavily depends on the customer feedback, and referrals from satisfied customers, and brand awareness. Therefore, we designed our showrooms on a "shop-in-shop" concept.

The two showrooms are located in growing residential and shopping districts, accessible by all major cities in eastern area including Khobar, Dammam, Saihat and Qatif — which together have a population of about 3 million.